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Camp Registration

Terms and Conditions HERE

*Each individual class or camp theme is described in the registration page above.


**Students must come to camp with their own lunch and water bottles. 1 snack will be provided for the main camp and 1 snack for extended care.** 

***Camps throughout the year are a continuation of previous weeks of camps or can be taken individually. Since the material and genre will change, students have the option to join as a single camp experience, or in combination with other camps throughout the year.

****Pricing of camps and classes will increase throughout the registration process with no given notice as our prices are set for a certain number of tickets. The increase in prices are based on availability, venue capacity, insurance costs, equipment cost, teacher pay, etc.

for camp schedule below, if the theme isn't robotics the schedule is typically the same format/time for lunch and breaks. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 10.46.06 AM.png
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