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Terms & Conditions


Due to the high volume of interest in our courses and our limited space, we can not hold registration without payment. We strive to create an environment for all students to learn and participate in, so we ask that you enroll your child only if he or she is interested in the subject matter. Refund requests must be in writing up to the 3rd week of class for after-school programs. Because seats fill weeks ahead of time for summer programs, if there is a change in your schedule 30 days or less from the first day of camp, you can transfer your registration to a different week, otherwise a refund minus fees needs to be requested in writing. A pro-rated amount will be refunded for services un-rendered, minus Stripe or bank fees until a week before classes or camp, otherwise half of the registration fee minus the registration fee will be refunded. A $75 non-refundable registration service fee per camp or class will also be charged for after-school, summer programs, spring break programs, or winter break programs.


We offer scholarships to low-income families upon request and availability with proof of income. One scholarship is given per school per semester. Please contact us for more information regarding scholarship availability in your school.


Star Kids Academy is an educational program that operates on a regular schedule, so to ensure children get the most out of our courses without disruption, classes begin on time and our pick up times are up to 15 minutes after the course has ended. Any minute after 15 minutes is charged $1 per minute. If you need special accommodations, please let us know in advance as our instructors have other classes to attend. By selecting 'Student may leave to designated pick up or after school program', Star Kids Academy is not responsible for your child after the class has ended and our liability has been released. Students are not allowed to wait in the school office, so parents must pick up their students on time. 


Star Kids Academy may photograph, video, and audio, during classes, as well as competitions and practices. These images may be dispersed on our website. By agreeing to terms, you give Star Kids Academy permission to use this media.


We understand that accidents happen, however robots are expensive and our courses require a certain level of maturity to handle the equipment. Therefore, parents are held responsible for any damage that occurs from disrespectful play. For example, throwing the robots intentionally. For more information on our behavior policy, please see below.


We believe that all children are important and valued. If your child has any special needs, or accommodations, we are happy to open a dialogue with parents on what type of environment we can create together that would be best or most suiting. Because our robotics course takes a lot of attention and focus by our instructors, students with medical conditions may need an aid in the classroom to assist. To help us make the best of our class, please contact us at time of registration to better get to know the situation. Please contact us directly at for any questions or inquiries regarding special needs. 


Even though Star Kids takes every precaution to ensure your child's safety, by registering, you understand that we are not responsible for any injuries during regular outdoor play. Although we do not serve food during our program (besides store bought snacks), please fill in any allergies when registering for summer, spring break, winter break, or after school programs.


If you need a receipt for classes for tax purposes, please refer to and print the original receipt from registration which is sent to you immediately after registration. Our non-profit EIN number is on the footer of our website.


PLEASE write or print your child's schedule for the semester. We post an updated schedule with the start date, end date, along with days off as well as sending the complete schedule in the welcome email, we are not responsible for parents not knowing the schedule for classes.  If you are a parent who would like to volunteer, please email us directly. For camps we typically send out the welcome email the weekend or week before camp begins. Feel free to ask us any questions leading up to that welcome email.



Behavior Policy


Students must be able to show and demonstrate appropriate classroom etiquette and behavior to participate in our courses. Because the subject matter is taught in the classroom that requires attention, and this subject matter is used to complete projects, students who aren’t able to display regular classroom etiquette or who have behavior issues should be coached by parents in this etiquette before enrolling into our courses. Examples of ‘classroom etiquette’ includes but are not limited to raising hands when wanting to speak, speaking about relevant subject matter that pertains to the class they are participating in, keeping and giving space to other students, proper exchange of materials between students, being polite and respectful to others, etc. Although we understand children are growing and learning and we are always happy to teach, we would like a basic understanding of etiquette before enrolling into our courses. 


Students without medical conditions or special needs will go through a 3 step behavior correction process. The first warning will be given in class to the student as a way to let the student know that his or her behavior is not appropriate in class. If the behavior continues, Star Kids Academy will contact the parents and let them know that the behavior is disrupting the class and other students. Once parents are notified and the behavior still continues to persist, Star Kids Academy will, unfortunately, need to remove the student from our rosters and refund a prorated refund for services un-rendered.

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