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Star Kids Academy Robotics Curriculum

Star Kids Academy Robotics' year-round curriculum is based on 5 main genres of robotics. During the school year and camps, teachers put together classes that are derived from lessons within our pool of curriculum. Students learn GUI coding and engineering fundamentals with 'real world' classroom teamwork challenges in ways that pair with our 5 main genres of robotics. All classes encourage children to become conscious of their abilities, to problem solve, and to work together with others, all while having a fun experience in learning!

School year classes are 75% coding and 25% engineering, while camps are 50% coding 50% engineering. 

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Students will learn to program and understand the basic engineering of autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars. Students will use various sensors to sense the environment and learn to program the vehicles to behave independently and avoid obstacles around them. 

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Students will learn to engineer and program humanoid robotics, eye movement in animatronics, and robotic hands. Coding of humanoid robotics range from sequencing step-by-step movements to basic machine learning algorithms. 

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Students will learn to engineer and program 6-axis robotic arms. Complexity depends on grade level, from simple robotic arms to complex 6-axis KUKA robotics. Students will solve real-world challenges with autonomous factory production missions and scenarios. 

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Students will learn to engineer and program various types of robotic machines for battle bots and robotic SUMO. Students will learn engineering for stability and speed in the battle arena, as well as learning autonomous programming for SUMO.

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Students will learn to engineer and program robotics to interact with science and nature experiments. Students will use sensors to sense environments and program autonomous behaviors to adapt to various weather conditions.