-David West

David has been working with children for over 27 years. In high school he was a music and theatre major and directed various musicals and plays for elementary students. David was offered scholarships to various colleges for his talent in music. He then went on to study theater and music at Foothills' Theater Arts Conservatory and worked with Children’s Musical Theater of San Jose. David played as a professional percussionist in New York.  He returned to California to study Ethnomusicology, Film, Music, Theater, and received a BA in music at San Francisco State University, and MA in Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University.

David has taught hundreds of students throughout the years English, music, chess, robotics, theater, english composition, mathematics and logic, and outdoor sports activities throughout the years within the public school system as well as the after school setting. He has taught children from low income areas as well as Apple, Google, Stanford University, Cisco, and hosted corporate education events with Walmart and Google. Through his love for teaching children, he hopes to bring new inspirations, new venues and new subject matter to kids in the field of education. David serves as a teacher, curriculum writer and educator for children.




Star Kids Staff is a group of educators who are dedicated to bringing interactive higher education to children ages 9-14. We have come together to create unique programs, lessons and education for children to explore and develop their creativity and their intelligence.
Star Kids Academy is a company that offers higher education and interactive courses for children ages 9 to 14. Our after school and summer programs currently focus on Robotics and Programming. We at Star Kids understand that all children develop differently and at their own pace and are dedicated to understanding the specific needs of every child. We believe that children have an enormous capacity to understand and simple communication is key to this understanding.
Our Methodology is: Safety First - We provide a fun and safe environment for higher education to take place, we put safety first on the list of priorities. Star Kids Academy enforces a strict no-bullying policy. We teach kindness, respect, manners, encouragement, and caring for others at a young age. Children learn to problem solve and work together respectfully at all times, this ensures peace of mind for parents as well as other students.
Challenge is Best - Children develop in a more engaged way when they are challenged with understandable and exciting subject matter. We believe that just the right amount of challenge is important. We test every child and get to know them on an individual basis, this lets us understand what type of education path works best for each child. Our courses continue throughout the year and build upon previous weeks for a deeper understanding of subject matter. Our instruction develops understanding at a methodical pace while children interact with the material throughout the learning process.
There must be balance - Our society is moving very rapidly into the world of technology and we at Star Kids believe there must be balance. Our courses offer a balanced and interactive way for children to participate with and understand technology without becoming consumed by it. Children explore technology through activities with other students, and lessons are taught to focus on the subject matter rather than the technology itself.