Grades 1-college


We are excited to announce our partnership with Valkyrie Robotics.

Team Valkyrie is a new team that has recently joined the FIRST organization. FIRST is an organization which helps spread STEM and robotics within the community. Every year the team participates in the FIRST ROBOTICS CHALLENGE in which the team has to build a robot based on a challenge revealed by FIRST. 

Valkyrie not only teaches high school students complex subjects like engineering and advanced physics but also strives to spread STEM in our community.

Registration closed, but open to all currently enrolled students regardless of official competition registration. 

Our FLL meet up group is a parent and student driven meet up that will focus on creating teams, joining others in the community, learning about competition, and guidance. This meet up group is for past, present, and future students.

Our FLL Meet-Up Group Page HERE