Star Kids Academy will be offering a Syntax Programming Club Fall 2019 in Cupertino. Stay tuned to this page or sign up for our mailing list for more information. This course is a club and will move at the pace of the class rather than a set of lessons delivered within a certain time period. The class will learn together and help each other before moving forward with new content. Syntax language may change or become limited to a single language depending on the understanding and processing of the class. 

** For students grades 3-4; please make sure student either has has experience in our courses AND shows an interest in syntax programming or has an understanding of logic and programming before registering.**

What Students will learn: Python, HTML, Java Script

• Printing

• Variables and Data Types

• Inputs

• Conditionals; If statements, comparison, equivalence, else in if statements

• For Loops; The range function, for "I", and how to use "I".

• While loops

• Functions

• Data Structures

• Arrays 

• Dictionaries

• Classes and Object Oriented Programming

• Using Turtle Graphics

• Game Creation with Pygame

• Flask WebServer Creation

• Nao Aldabaran Virtual Programming

email: to be placed on the waiting list.