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'Programming Fundamentals'

Our Work

Star Kids Academy's 'Programming Fundamentals', is a list of key concepts we believe beginning students need to understand in order to have a clear perspective of the way logical thinking and organized programming work together. 'JR' students receive a very basic balance of organized play within the world of computer science fundamentals and logical thinking. 'SR' students have more exposure to the key concepts, programming lessons, and terminology derived from our 'Programming Fundamentals', while 'Middle School' Students receive the most advanced versions of study within our program. Each student learns at their own pace, and because of this, we offer online follow-up lessons in addition to or instead of our camps and classes for students who enjoy computer science content but want to steer their learning in a customized way that better suits them. 

Student Pace

Students learn at their grade level and pace. In our experience, no matter what their experience is, it's important for students to learn to work together at a pace that matches their age group especially when learning fundamentals. We encourage parents and students to learn the basics in a way that matches their grade before moving forward into more advanced material. 



Students begin by learning how to write pseudocode and flowcharts, as well as having an organized approach to engineering and design. Students must be able to organize their work for them to be able to make sense of and continue their projects throughout their camps and classes. Orginazation is key to having clarity and understanding in computer science. 

Key Terms

Students learn about key terms and how to use these variations in creating programs for their projects. Terms such as psuedocode, flowchart, debugging, constants and variables, data types, boolean, do while, repeat until, integers, functions, loops, conditional statements, and arrays to name a few. 

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