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Star Kids Academy Robotics Platform and Model Curriculum Overview 2023

At Star Kids Academy Robotics, our intention is to give students the most up-to-date and industry-relevant subject matter using three main models for engineering and programming robotics within our classes and camps. In this overview, we will be going over all three models and how they work within our curriculum. Programming and engineering content is aligned yet exceeds NGSS standards, and students are certified at the end of every course having learned and completed an understanding of these standards.

Self-Driving Vehicles and Autonomous Rovers in the Workplace / Commerce.

Students will learn to program and understand the basic engineering of autonomous vehicles. Using scratch-based programming, students will use various sensors to sense the environment and learn to program the vehicles to behave independently based on various challenges and obstacles around them. Class challenges are parallelled with industry-specific subject matter as students are taken on an adventure of real-life coding examples.   

Animatronics and Machine Learning.

The newly designed 'David' animatronic teaching robot allows students to engineer close to industry-designed animatronic movement. Programming of the animatronic consists of eye, mouth, and neck movement and can be programmed to take actions based upon audio and visual input. All coding is done in a scratch based coding environment. 

KUKA 6 Axis Robotic Arm.

KUKA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent robot-based automation solutions. Star Kids Academy Students will have the opportunity to program 6-axis robotic KUKA replicas using the Lego Technic Platform and KUKA GUI as well as scratch-based programming.